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Friday, August 18, 2017

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Face of American Actress On Pakistani Mehendi Pack, Made Her Shocked

Pakistani media is full of fake and copied  images taken from other country's websites just to advertise their ill-products for popularity. The images usually...

Mehwish Hayat Super Model to Super Hero

Mehwish Hayat has kept amazed all her viewers through her stunning  roles on screen. She is now appeared in her latest look to make...

Answering A question of Age Difference by Yasra Rizwi

Yasra Rizwi , the famous TV actress and stage drama performer has recently got married with Abdul Hadi. Abdul hadi is 10 years younger...

Yasra Rizvi’s Marriage With 10 Years Younger Abdul Haadi

Yasra Rizvi has finally  got married with Abdul Hadi with whom she has been seen in relation. She is acting as director plus actor...