Marry Christmass: Religion has divided us, but GOD Wants us to Love each others.

Pakistan – a nation that earned autonomy after blood and sweat of our precursors, who battled for this land for a considerable length of time. Regardless of what number of plays or dramatizations we direct to show how Pakistan picked up autonomy, none of them will be sufficient to reveal insight into the measure of awful gives up the general population of sub-landmass experienced to get this real estate parcel. While many surmise that Pakistan was just about Muslims, many disregard how we restrained various Sikhs and different minorities who needed to be a piece of our nation also.

Pakistan accomplished freedom on the fourteenth of August 1947. The banner of the nation was instituted on eleventh August 1947, 3 days before the chronicled occasion denoted its nearness ever. A long time later, today, the Pakistanis have overlooked what this banner really symbolizes.

The green shading in Pakistan’s banner holds lion’s share region in the banner, delineating the greater part of the country, which is Muslims. Then again, the white strip delineates the minority religions that were and still are a piece of Pakistan since autonomy occurred. The sickle and star indicate light and advance. In the event that you take the significance of the banner just in the exacting terms, it connotes the significance of both, the larger part and the minorities to pick up advance and thriving; as one, this is what Pakistan’s establishing fathers envisioned.

A long time down the path, the fanatic Pakistan neglects to comprehend the privileges of the minorities, and the main representation they have left is on the banner of this nation itself.

Among the minorities, Christianity happens to be an exceptionally basic religion honed in our nation. There are various settled and very respectable evangelist establishments that were established in Pakistan years back. As a Muslim who has contemplated in these foundations for a long time, let me let you know what it is truly similar to examining with Christians

There is dependably a level headed discussion via web-based networking media whether you ought to wish Christians “Happy Christmas” or not. Keeping with or without the religious ideas for some time, Christians will dependably wish you on your religious days. There is no detest in them – there are no religious commitments they feel they have on them that they should stay with regards to wishing us Muslims.

Contemplating with Christians for a considerable length of time, they regard our religious perceptions. They don’t eat before us amid Ramadan. They observe Jummah by wearing shalwar kameez notwithstanding when they don’t bring to the table their petition. They enjoy religious discussions to comprehend what happens in our religion. I have even run over Christians who had more information about Islam than a considerable lot of us do, unfortunately.




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