Khizar hayat khan: World’s strongest person in Pakistan with extra ordinary weight.

Khizar measures a mind boggling 436 kilograms (yes, no errors there!) and he is still just 24 years of age. He claims to be the most grounded man in Pakistan and difficulties anybody to come and thrashing him in a session.

He takes 10,000 calories a day. His day by day allow incorporates a smorgasbord of 4 entire chickens, 5 dozen eggs and 5 liters of drain.

Khizar wishes to end up distinctly a global expert wrestler. To do that, the overwhelming weightlifter intends to build his own weight (and size) considerably further. He needs to be a piece of WWE when 2017.

The news has even achieved WWE in the US and they say they have reported no arrangements starting yet to acquire him. Be that as it may, you never know, one of nowadays it may very well worked out as expected.

via: wn.com

We value the person’s exertion since it is not everybody who harbors huge desire and tries their best to satisfy them, notwithstanding when individuals around them serve to dishearten and hinder them. Khizar is turned out to be an exemption to that run the show.

We trust he turns all that protein to muscle soon and demonstrates everybody wrong while turning into a universal big name. That alone will be all that could possibly be needed to close down his haters.



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