Pakistan celebrity – Shaista Lodhi expressed her views for Social media

Nowadays, we seen people can famous on social media and become a celebrity just like Arshad khan (Chai Wala). Now he has a movie, modelling contracts and much more with the help of social media. A few days back, we saw on the internet about Yasra Rizvi and Abdul Hadi Married reviews.

Popular Actress/TV host Shaista Lodhi expressed her reviews during the interview about social media. Shaista Lodhi was conducted by Brandsynario. Few of celebrities Like Hamza Ali Abbasi, Ushna Shah, and more who speak against cyber-bullying.

Shaista Lodhi expressed her views about Pakistan becomes insensible on social media. She has also commented that Pakistani peoples are immature when they use social media.

The main point of Shasta Lodhi is people create fake accounts of celebrities

She said people, forget ethics and values while they are using social media. People be careful about personal views and must stay under the circle.

Here’s the video Shaista Lodhi share in social Media:




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