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12 Different type of Personalities you will find in Lahore Grammar School

Lahore Grammar School is sort of film industry where you will find different types of drama queens.

The Party Freaks:Preparing, pre party, party, after party winding up at some companion’s home at 6am, lastly trick dialing their “Aitchisonian” smashes or messaging at any rate. These ones are wild! These wild felines can be found at one of those outrageous gatherings throughout the end of the week with all the activity and show you get the opportunity to catch wind of the following day.

Wedding Bug: The one who wants to getting married before her A2 result. Ab confirm pata bhi nahi hai k pass hoon ya nahi lekin shaadi karahi hai. And after getting married you’ll see her with 2 or may be 3 coming to market buying grocery and running after her kids in shopping mall.

The One who always need importance: The one who will always normal things into a big drama. She will always do stupid things to seek the importance of other. She will say ‘huh woh hamesha mujhey copy karti hai’ woh hamesha mujh se dosti karna chahti hai’ mein usey lift hi nahi karati’ she always say things like ‘woh iskey sath gai thi’.

Saati Savitri: The one who tries to be Saati Savitri and shows key jaisey usey acha toh koi hai hi nahi. But actually she is the one who needs to be punished because of her attitude.

The Batoon Wali:  The who will not give you a chance to talk and when you think she is finished its the time she actually started or os waqt kisi ki bhi nahi sunti apni baat khatam kar k rehti hai

The Bestie: The one who is always concerned you and she’ll be your best friend. She is always concerned about tum kahan thi, tumhey pata hai merey sath kai huwa kal? aj sham ko merey ghar aogi na??

The Hypocrite: She will always discuss other girls with you. And will always say things like mein toh tumharey bhaleey ke liye keh rahi hoon. but in real she is not a friend of anyone. 

The Model ONE: The one who woke up each day, escaped her Versace covers just to venture into the room shoes she purchased from Harrods. You can discover her at Cosa a large portion of the circumstances and be entranced by all her out of nation excursion pictures to these intriguing goal. Where it counts, huge numbers of us are envious.

The Shareef One: Her family is shareef, therefore she always ended up in girls school. And thats why she don’t take part in any extra curricular activity. She gets just average grades and says mein bohot khush hoon. She is not involved in boys key pechey bhagney wala group. She’s usually left out, and might not acknowledge your existence but that’s not because she has a big ego, she just keeps to herself.



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