Lindsay Lohan If Converts or Not Islam We Have Nothing To Do With At All

“I’m a very spiritual person and I’m really open to learning.” 

Lindsay Lohan a young star was talking to newspaper, Sun.

Finally this young 29 years old star disclosed her profound  feelings for Islam after reviewing Islamic teachings for too long. She told that her spiritual nature and intellectual curiosity has made her capable to learn more about Islam. This deep love also led her to convert herself into Islamic sanctions.

Just after Lohan’s this statement, the people have started commenting on her very personal matters i.e her freedom of choice and expression what is being denying by the public’s unethical comments.Though its not too clear here that weather she has really done so or not, the masses on the other side have made her complete picture of a Muslim women in their minds. This is what we all do without having clear picture of exact situation or happening, start our exaggerations.

No doubt, she was a party girl and has been a poster child for Hollywood. She wasn’t having a privacy for her activities but all were occurring on public places for too long. Her laundry even was never hers. It was an exiting place for media to take various clips and images from here all time.

Later on it was something different, something changed ,Lohan was able to control over her privacy and to react like a brave lady talking for her personal rights as Paparazzi culture was putting a bad influence on her life.

Celebrities like other being have feelings and tastes, exactly, they are creatures like us. They have the right to opt or reject something by their own way. All celebrities like us have social, emotional, political and religious rights. Religion isn’t a fixed thing that should be opt, according to what you inherit but its the matter between you and God, that how you are going to choose a path to express your thanking. Religion is something very personal, we are not here to judge someone on religious grounds rather to respect everyone for having a unique way towards God.




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