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Some people puzzled and other amused by Donald Trump ad post about US Election

“This is not a Republican verses Democrat Election. This is about an Insider versus an Outsider.”

The ad was posted on Donald Trump Instagram account, people quickly reacted. This ad highlighted Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s adult children Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump. They called themselves as Insiders, and all other than these three individuals as outsiders.

Republicans and Democrats are having different ideologies,.

Donald Trump wants to build a wall on southern borders, deport immigrants out of America, ban Muslims and many more racist thoughts.

While Hillary Clinton is showing soft side and she is playing the game with all political understanding. Recent polls show that positive views of people’s are increasing day by day in favor of her.

The statement has a depth, the two words, “Insider” and “Outsiders” are troubling people. These words hold some hash meanings.

“Outsiders” in real are soft hearted peoples, they love humanity, peace and harmony. They believe in equality of communities, every religion hold great respect for them. They do not relate one person acts to the whole community. They are the true “Insiders”.

Those Trump is calling as “Outsiders” are the real native American, they sacrificed their loved ones for their Motherland. As we know love can make unlimited changes and hate can only create hate, nothing more.

Trump calls himself as “Insider” but we all know he is a popular “Outsiders”. He hates US citizens, he disrespects soldiers and above all these, he has no sense of politics.

Huge reactions come after Trump ad was posted, on Twitter Trump is facing huge criticism.



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