Hareem Farooq has a Message for all of us, Glorious girl talking about Body Shaming.

The worst thing people in our society can do is to label someone based on their features. “Kalli”, “Moti”, Patli”, “Acne Wali” and what not – these names show how people ignore every other aspect regarding a person’s personality and focus only on what they see on the outside.

Even the strongest people are held back or bullied when they are told by the society that they are not “perfect” in terms of their looks or their physique. What makes someone beautiful and strong is how they ignore the worthless comments and work hard for their dreams. This is exactly what the beautiful Pakistani actress Hareem Farooq did.

Hareem has been a piece of Pakistan’s media outlet for a long while now and in a brief time, she procured monstrous accomplishment through her diligent work and reasonable acting aptitudes. The performing artist as of late delivered Janaan furthermore made her film make a big appearance in Mehreen Jabar’s Dobara Phir Se. A performing artist as skilled as Hareem has earned a ton of notoriety in this industry, simply because she disregarded how the general public body disgraced her already.

You are delightful back to front paying little heed to what the general public needs you to be – simply as am I! Figure out how to love and acknowledge yourself. We as a whole have defects. Figure out how to grasp them and make them your quality.” composed Hareem Farooq.

She Said, Subsequent to being honored to have worked with some astounding individuals and accepting tremendous love from my fans, who passed judgment on me more on my ability than my ‘body’, I understood what was truly essential. That is your wellbeing, psyche, absolute entirety. The rest is all optional. I trust each auxiliary thing gets to be distinctly excellent once you’ve sorted the essential ones

Figure out how to love and acknowledge yourself, we as a whole have defects figure out how to grasp them and make them your quality. Try not to give the general public a chance to name you to their standards. Give your certainty a chance to represent you. So keep your heart in the perfect place and stroll with your head high since you are God’s creation and whatever he makes is just delightful



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