Citizen Foundation Organized an event at Army Public school Peshawar 2nd Memorial Aniversary.


To recognize the second Memorial Anniversary of APS Peshawar, Peaceful Pakistan in a joint effort with The Citizens Foundation composed an occasion at The Citizens Foundation School (TCF) Minhala young lady’s branch, in the edges of Lahore.

The understudies from evaluations 6 to 8 displayed their message of peace and celebrated the suffering of APS understudies through fine art, ballads and addresses, which mostly accentuated on the subjects between confidence agreement, concurrence, peace, and hostile to fear based oppression.

via: www.peacepak.pk

Group Peaceful Pakistan drew in the understudies in exchange that empowered serene story and hostile to radicalism talk. The understudies, among whom some were those from other confidence, took an interest with enthusiastic energy and excitement.

The occasion that initiated with recitation from the Holy Quran and Naat finished up with Dua and the National Anthem, which was trailed by light vigil for the APS Peshawar saints.

Quiet Pakistan valued the endeavors of the understudies by giving them gifts of Peaceful Pakistan.

The Citizens Foundation is a non-benefit association, who through the activity of instruction is given towards advancing peace and conjunction among the adolescent.



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