He is not actually dead Thanks God

I heard news of his death, read that he committed suicide and it completely shocked me. It was a high intensity shock, I left my work incomplete and it was a post shared my friend which was claiming that he is dead. I starts surfing and I found that some low class news agencies post this news. Why I was shocked and sad, because he shares some of my life’s best moments. We saw his comedy series Mr. bean together.

Yeah you heard right Mr.Bean, Rowan Atkinson, it was news about his death. It was a click scum, to divert traffic to some specific website and conducting surveys through Facebook this time. Thanks the guy is not dead. He is alive and scum is clearly identified.

Such rumors about his death has been made several times in past too. One popular was made by some Twitter guy in 2012 but It too that identifies wrong. People do this because of his huge fan following.

It was like April Fool to me and I have been made fooled completely.



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