Mushtaq Raisani: Imran khan and Asad Umar of Pakistan tehreef insaf (PTI) Speaks about the reality on twitter.

Is this the morality NAB wants to teach the nation? Well Done Nab 

The late arrival of Mushtaq Raisani has conveyed to light the arrangement making system of NAB. The organization made to boycott the degenerate individuals has turned into a merchant to spare them from detainment. The Balochistan back pastor who confronted Rs. 40 Billion defilement allegations hit an arrangement with NAB and strolled free subsequent to paying just a pitiful entirety of Rs. 2 Billion.

The news has spread shock everywhere throughout the nation with government officials and the subjects denouncing the arrangement. Individuals took to twitter to vent their dissatisfaction and highlight the imperfect arrangement of the National Accountability Bureau.

Is this the morality NAB wants to teach the nation? Well Done Nab 

Imran khan tweet about the corruption of 40 billion:


Numerous other noticeable government officials of the nation were likewise disappointed by the news that has surfaced. While the vast majority of them didn’t utilize online networking to discharge their announcement, additionally voiced their worries. Moonis Elahi said, “if NAB turns into the facilitator and an agent between the blamed and the administration who will stop defilement?”

Nationals of Pakistan are totally stunned by the unforeseen result of the case with respect to once it appeared a degenerate individual would need to confront the law. In any case, it was frightening to see that no individual from the PMLN Govt resisted the choice. It appears that PMLN has completely destabilized NAB and has crashed it from the errand it was to do.



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