Russia Fighting Syrian War

Russian To Stabilize Middle East 

Fighting on the front line Russia is helping in bring peace to Syrian People. Use their resources and providing all kind of support on ground and in air. The strategic part is very important, which Russian Army are supporting the Syrian Army.

Syria is in turmoil situation since 2009, because of the birth of so called Islamic State Terrorist. They are not Islamic state, as the top Islamic clerics denied their claim to Islam. Thousand lost their loved once, the savages took lives of innocents even kids. The raped women, teenagers and even underage girls.

All ISIS brutal acts are known to the world, It needs no explanation. In such bad time great economies are in action to disturb Assad Democratic Regime, but it is no time to do that, in these crisis only Russian and Iranian Governments are supporting Assad’s Government.

US failed in all fronts, so this time they are trying to take Russian, the great ally to Syrian government into confidence, against Bashar ul Assad. But Russia knows that this is no time, for doing this.

Syrian President said, “he has never faced pressure from Russia to step aside, as US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Moscow seeking to revive stalled peace efforts.”

Assad insisted his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had never raised the issue of his departure or a political transition.

“Only the Syrian people define who’s going to be the president, when to come, and when to go. They never said a single word regarding this,” he said.

Hoping for best Syria, peaceful country as in past, most visited nation again by tourist. And Democratic state. I conclude that first of all bring peace in important than removing Assad from Presidency only through election, And I know he will be elected again for his scarifies to Syrian people.




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