Stage Drame by Tayyip Erdoğan

Truth behind Turkey Uprising 

Turkey considered itself to be king of Islamic world. It has great supports form its allies in from West. Turkey is a fake sympathizer to Islamic world. But it says nothing about Palestine and Kashmir issues. It support those Israel and India. It supports ISIS to break down the democratic government in Syria.

Back a day, Turkey Army chief take over the city. A question rises in my mind was that how it happens to some of the great country with most stable democracy and  no civil disturbance at all, how an Army Chief do this kind of act to takeover the country, as he knows he will not be supported by his own ranks. But the puzzle solved, when I realized that it was free planned event host by Turkish President to give a clear message to the entire world that he is the most powerful man. He can stop whole uprising by one speech. He is the powerful Tayyip Erdoğan. This act was to gain more respect in the people. And the trick worked.



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