Turkey uncleared situation

Turkey is in turmoil, news are coming out of the capital but they are not confirmed. Who is in control, not exactly saying, because media has no access to the capital. There is huge problem in getting news out of Ankara and Istanbul.

President Tayyip Erdogan said “uprising against the state in treason and Turkey is in real trouble but we will bring peace together”. This uprising is reported due to Turkey involvement with other power to destabilized the region. Erdogan at first strongly support the terrorist outfits. But when they starts blowing their suicide jackets in Istanbul, he realized his mistake. And now Erdogan is fighting war to his Presidency by his own army.

Dawn has break in Turkey. Early last night Erdogan talked to nation, telling them he is the President of Turkey. But some un-confirmed reports says, The uprising has been stop and Ergodan takes control back.

There are large number of crowds in support for Ergodan in streets of Turkey. Situation will be clears in few hours.



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