PTCL , Ufone and Internet Services Down all over the Pakistan Last Night.

UFONE and PTCL is the everlasting wellspring of daunt for some individuals, as it seems to be, on account of the incessant disengagements. You’ve most likely cribbed about your “terrible” web association, at any rate once in your life.

As of late, and by as of late I mean as right on time as a couple of hours back, PTCL benefits all of a sudden went down today. While at an early stage, many rejected it as only a standard PTCL event, it soon turned out to be obvious that this specific blackout was more across the board.

At that point there are a few clients reporting that they got mechanized calls from PTCL, educating them about an arranged upgradation action on Monday.

PTCL landline (in a few sections), DSL (everywhere throughout the nation), Ufone cell administrations (primarily 3G, SMS) have totally vanished for clients crosswise over nation.

Correct check of affected clients or territories is still not known.

“Because of PTCL’s fiber optic cut, as of now Ufone’s administrations are upset. We apologize for the burden brought about in such manner,” said Ufone on its Facebook and twitter post.

Other than the web, landline administrations were likewise supposedly disturbed in vast parts of the nation.

Individuals likewise gave an account of twitter that the Ufone cell administration was additionally upset in different parts of the nation.



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