Some Facts About Smokers For Which Every One Want To Stay Away From Them

Those people who don’t smoke dont really care about smokers, smokers are ruining their lives because of inhaling 43 types of different carcinogenic substances which causes cancer. But no smoker starts hating them when they get effected from their smoke, passive smoking is un-healthy as direct smoking.

Here’s, some facts that non-smoker don’t understand about smokers:

Smoker always say they can stop smoking whenever they want

After taking shower your fresh body smell turned in smell like nicotine after spending some time with smokers

Smokers always offers you cigarette’s like they really care about you

Why smokers always choose a face of the person infront of him to throw the smoke 

They will always say ‘Bus jiggar chor di hai smoking’

When you have a cough and flue, a person next to you starts smoking

They will deny the fact ‘Mere ciggarett peney se tujhey kuch nahi hota’ 

When you don’t even smoke and some asks you for a lighter

Unfortunately you get stuck in a car with the smokers

When you are out for a dinner with the smokers they run outside when they are done with the meal

When you dont even somke and your asks did you smoke because of the smell of cigarrett coming from you



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