This Pakistan International Airline(PIA) flight was different then other fights.

Pakistans Internationa Airline(PIA), tomorrow flight in PK391 something surprise. When reach in at midnight in airport. The umrah flight had just landed because airport was carpeted by rose and the families who had some to pickup them. After I went to the coffee shop and they would not accept the payment through card.

After the coffee shop saw transgender:

I wishing that they are seated next each other because I really want to have a chat with her. I wanted to know her life style. But suddenly air hostess asked for boarding pass number.

The boarding was 54C and she was 52. The Lady directly towards business class because of person safety and uncomfortable situations with her. This is the late night flight becaause they served best banana bread it was not so bad. She was trying to avoid the unnecessary incidents. Airline has too many scandals in night flights.



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