A Passenger Caught Red handed 15 kg packet of heroine from a Flight Jeddah From Karachi

Tranquilize trafficking and medicate use has altogether expanded in Pakistan in the most recent decade or somewhere in the vicinity and that is essentially down to the way that the import of medications from the neighboring nations isn’t directed. Pakistan’s topographical area beside Afghanistan, the world’s biggest maker of illegal opium, has guaranteed that the medication issue will be a troublesome one to comprehend.

PIA today reported a case which highlights how grave the issue of medication use is getting to be in Pakistan.

Representative of PIA, Daniyal Gilani, expressed on his Twitter account that a standard keep an eye on an a B-777 flying machine, which was ordained from Karachi to Jeddah, uncovered that around 15 kg of heroin was being conveyed by a traveler.

Air terminal Security Force and Anti-Narcotics Force of Pakistan were both a part of the inquiry operation in which the guilty party was caught in the act.

The CEO of PIA, Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand has trained the powers to lead quick request and direct detail examination with respect to the matter. He additionally said that the offender ought to be made a case out of, regarding discipline, so comparable occurrences can be kept away from later on.

Not long ago, another case identified with medications was accounted for in Lahore. An understudy of LUMS supposedly took sedates and overdosed in the college’s lodgings. Its a well known fact that understudies at numerous colleges are regularly required in such exercises and it’s likewise a typical issue among destitute kids.

The joint Government of Pakistan/UNODC Report ‘Issue Drug Use in Pakistan: Results from the 2006 National Assessment’ expresses that 77 percent of the aggregate sedative clients are interminable heroin clients.

To counter the medication fixation in Pakistan, strict laws should be formulated particularly to prevent the import from the Afghan locale.

It is delighting to note that PIA is finding a way to cinch down on unlawful medication exchange also. The national bearer might be in the news for generally negative reasons of late, however measures, for example, these are a stage in the correct heading to recover some of its pride.



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