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Bilawal criticized government over diplomatic isolation

Tending to a rally , the PPP director said the PMLN government had no outside clergyman for a long time and now when it has named one he is occupied with asking on the GT street “why my pioneer is expelled” rather than campaigning and expressing Pakistan’s account”.

He said Pakistan was going through a basic stage yet the rulers do not have the capacity to guide it out of entanglement. “You don’t need to end up plainly stressed over Trump’s danger, PPP can investigate America’s eyes. PPP blocked NATO supply lines after assault on Salala post, and it was the first occasion when US needed to delicate an expression of remorse,” he said.

“PML-N and PTI need capacities and skill. They had no program and proclamation. Poor people, workers, workers , and the general population are not on their plan”. “Their motivation is to get power and remain in control. Mian Sahib’s change is duplicity, and Khan’s change is only lies.



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