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Dr. Rashid has won the scientific achievement award award 2016 from NATO’s science and technology.

Dr. Rashid A Chotani, an alum of Aga Khan University Medical College and now working in the United States, has won the Scientific Achievement Award 2016 from the NATO Science and Technology Organization for his execution in research on restorative countermeasures against natural operators.

The NATO STO is the biggest NATO association for defence science and innovation. The Scientific Achievement Award from NATO perceives extraordinary commitments made to NATO STO supported exercises around the world.

Intrioduction and Background of Dr. Rashid

Dr. Chotani appreciates a decent notoriety in the prescription group. He is famous for recognizable proof, observation and finding of human and zoonotic irresistible ailments.

He achieved the zenith of his scholastic profession at John Hopkins University, where he built up and coordinated the Global Infectious Disease Surveillance and Alert System (GIDSAS).

His Efforts: 

Because of his notoriety, Dr. Chotani was chosen to be an individual from the Human Factor and Medicine Panel (HFM). The objective of the board was to streamline the wellbeing, prosperity, and execution of people working in operational situations crosswise over NATO-united nations.

The key research commitment was given by Dr. Chotani board’s danger and hazard evaluation report of organic operators utilized against NATO powers. The report additionally itemized assessments of front line advances that are utilized to enhance therapeutic countermeasures



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