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HEC Discloses Fake Universities In Punjab

Punjab is filled with  “ghost” universities, and  it is revealed by HEC that in Punjab there are 79 private universities, which are not existing but they have been registered.

There is an inquiry committee to disclose other  fake universities that have not been in notice so far. According to HEC, more than 100 educational institutions are functioning on fake base in Punjab.

Ratio of fake and registered universities.

Such fake universities  do award students with fake degrees.  HEC has deeply investigated the ration of fake and real universities finding that out of 100 universities there were 79 fake universities in Punjab.

Lahore Student’s Complaints

After repeated complaints of students of Lahore, HEC has taken this step of investigation and to form a party of vice chancellor, who will be responsible to bring forth such illegal work. Four universities that were on demand of investigation by the students of Lahore are, Global Institute, University of South Asia, Lahore Leads University and Superior University.

There are 36 of these in Sindh, 3 in AJK, 11 in KPK and 4 of them are in Islamabad only.

Beside these fake ones, there are multiple other fake institutions in other provinces, what are enlisted by HEC, including 11 in KPK, 3 in AJK, 4 in Islamabad and 36 in Sindh.




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