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Imran Khan announces to get Sindh free from Zardari

Pakistan Tehteek-e-Insaf director Imran Khan on Saturday took a special case to Asif Zardari and called him the central plunderer of Sindh.

“Before long a pharaoh of Sindh would be asking “Why I was removed,” said he while tending to a rally where he guaranteed to visit all the significant towns of Sindh which he said couldn’t do before in light of the fact that he was engrossed with Panama Papers case.

He said individuals’ cash in Sindh was stolen and stopped in outside nations , a demonstration, which he said made the neediness surge in Sindh. He solicited the general population from Sindh to turn out and enable him to take Asif Zardari and his comrades to equity. The PTI administrator likewise gave his arrangement for the improvement of Sindh in the wake of coming into control.

Khan said the cash that should be spent on the prosperity of the general population of Sindh was washed abroad. Surrey Palace was obtained with your cash. I recall Zardari said it is not my castle. He at that point marked NRO and stashed the cash of Surrey royal residence”. “You need to turn out and help me against degenerate mafia. I will visit whole Sindh and awaken the general population.”



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