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Imran Khan termed Zardari’s acquittal as evidence of deal under Charter of Democracy (CoD)

Emphatically denouncing the previous president’s absolution in NAB cases, Khan called upon the country to raise voice aginst it. He said Zardari possesses property worth billions of rupees abroad.

Reviewing Nawaz Sharif’s preclusion, the PTI boss said he would likewise have cleared if the Joint Investigations Team (JIT) was not framed under the supervision of Supreme Court. How might we acknowledge the choice of the same NAB, which needs trust of the zenith court, he doubted.

The Supreme Court had before communicated absence of trust in NAB boss, he stated, including that majority rule government couldn’t be reinforced without having solid organizations. He doubted the premise of the Election Commission law that barrs him from running race crusade in Lahore’s NA-120.



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