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Just 4 channels give coverage to Nawaz Sharif rally while all other ignored it badly

A few link administrators on Saturday close all news channels, including the state-run TV and indicated communicate of just four TV channels on the event of rally of previous executive Nawaz Sharif.

At the point when the link administrators were gotten some information about this issue, they said that ‘you know who was getting these channels close.’ It is germane to review that the communicate of a major channel had been hindered for the last four or five days.

The general population told ‘The News’ by phone that lone four stations were demonstrating communicated while every single other station were shut or their communicates were intruded, including state-run TV, and on this objection the link administrators quit getting telephone calls at their workplaces.

While unsettling the general population whined that such routine had been sought after throughout the previous two days.

They said that the communicate of TV channels were hindered or at some point sound was shut.

They said that the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority should pay heed to this training.



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