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Lahore to Karachi PIA Aircraft Flight Landed in Muscat, Oman Due to Fog .

In what is presumably the most absurd news you will hear today, a PIA flight has taken its travelers for a wild ride, actually.

PIA flight PK307, which will undoubtedly go from Lahore to Karachi, really wound up in Muscat, Oman. The air ship being referred to was a Boeing 777-340(ER) fly.

Flight PK307 was planned to leave from Lahore at around 9PM the previous evening yet it took off early morning today. In any case, rather than arriving in Karachi, PIA took all travelers to Muscat.

FlightRadar24 information demonstrates that carrier dropped to 10,000 feet, enclosed a couple times and afterward proceeded with its flight to eventually arrive in Muscat.

Lahore to Karachi Flight

Here’s the Flight Plan PK307:

Presently the travelers are in an outside land and that too without meandering, implying that they can’t advise their family about the experience.

It ought to be said that PPP President Asif Ali Zardari is additionally due to land in Karachi today evening. Expand security courses of action have been made with 950 Police work force conveyed and Sharae Faisal in Karachi have been cordoned off for his “homecoming.”

One may ponder that why flight took off in any case when there was haze at goal, and flight time is only 60 minutes, as though they didn’t know about climate before departure.

Besides, why not take the stream back to Lahore as opposed to flying individuals without identifications (since it was a household flight) to an outside land?



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