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National Bank of Pakistan: Assistant Vice President sadaf siddique Fraud amount may reach up to Rs. 6 billion.

Partner Vice President of the National Bank of Pakistan, Sadaf Siddiqui, drove four men into duping her bank and customer, pulling back expansive sums from the Abandoned Property Organization (APO) account.

APO is an association whose reason for existing is to oversee resources of previous nationals from East Pakistan. This association was built up in 1971. These advantages are currently overseen by the Government of Pakistan.

The APO had contributed the greater part of its held money, which was generally around Rs. 50 billion, through the National Bank of Pakistan where Assistant Vice President Sadaf Siddiqui was dependable to deal with the ventures.

She took assistance from four APO representatives to make this work. The workers are named Mohammad Ahmed, Liaquat Ali, Imtiaz and Basit. With the assistance of these four, she arranged fake Pakistani Investment Bonds and encashed them against the APO ventures.

Sporadic exchanges of about Rs. 1.5 billion were then reported by the NBP to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). Be that as it may, APO sources are anxious about the possibility that that the sum required in the trick may even reach up to Rs. 6 billion as the investigation progresses

The four representatives of the APO have been sent to imprison, while the Assistant Vice President Sadaf Siddiqui is as yet being held under legal remand while the investigation is ongoing



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