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Pakistan State Oil refused fuel supply to Pakistan International airline and pakistan railway stations due to non payment.

Being in the red is getting to be distinctly regular it appears. Pakistan Railway and Pakistan International Airlines are a part of the rundown of organizations under obligation.

Pakistan State Oil or PSO has millions to be paid in duty as it is to get extraordinary installments from various organizations which likewise incorporates the PIA.

PSO is confronting issues paying interior and outer organizations because of wretched recuperation from account holders and is confronting an intense money related inconvenience.

As per the state oil organization, PIA has utilized Rs. 830 million worth of fuel and has just paid Rs. 430 million. This is just for the fuel utilized since November 26 2016.Total Payment recievable from PIA Rs.4.45 billion

The state oil organization has educated the Ministry of Petroleum and Finance Ministry of this issue also. PSO has sent a letter to the upper administration of the PIA asking for the installment of the unpaid debts and cautioning them of suspension of oil supply in the event that they can’t pay on time.

PSO’s money related issues may likewise be established in the dispatch of the new RON 92 fuel in the nation. The fuel is being sold at a lower cost than normal. This is on the grounds that the general population won’t purchase the fuel in the event that it is valued at its unique, higher cost.



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