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Pakistan TV Host Waqar Zaka Beaten up outside the Xander cafe Clifton area of Karachi Friday Night.

Pakistan TV Host Waqar Zaka, Beaten up beaten up by unknown Men outside the Restaurant ‘Xander cafe’ Clifton the area of Karachi.

Few days later, Waqar Zaka uploaded Snapchat Video. The video of his circulating all over the social media. Here’s the first video of Waqar uploaded on snapchat on Friday Night.

After uploading the videoo Waqar Zaka was beaten the group of unknown persons. This video is 11 second long video. The unknown person beaten so badly and draged him by his hairs. Waqar Zaka asking ‘what i did what i did’ . Some people post on social media Dua Janjua was with her family.

In this video unknown group beaten waqar zaka outside of the restaurant in Clifton Karachi
People beaten up because he psoted his video on Snapchat. Waqar Zaka interview after beaten up.
Waqar zaka registered her case in police station. His statemen, he said Friday night he went to the Clifton Cafe some girls were wanted to photo with me and using my mobile phone. But after i refused to use mobile. Then they taking my videos. After the video and photos they beaten up outside the cafe where a lot of security guards with them and beaten boys beaten without aany reason.

This video uploaded by waqar Zaka after the inicident:
There us still no confirmed reports about that incident. According to social media and other peoples waqar zaka blaming girl on snapchat and she called her friend and family.

Last video of Waqar Zaka uploaded on Youtube:



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