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There is no honour in Killing.

Respect Killing is a noteworthy downside of our general public. It is a clearing situation surrender to our general public and keeps on winning; the most recent casualty has lost the fight in Multan.

A specific sort of outlook is the rearing ground for such savageness. With a noticeable reason being bigotry prompting to the introduction of respect murdering, there dependably require challenge it in all ways that are available.

In Pakistan, respect slaughtering has been around for far long. It has a tendency to be a urgent practice in the rustic ranges. It straightforwardly uncovers its commonness to be in those zones and among those mentalities that are far unskilled.

Pakistan has endured respect executing in wealth as of late. 2016 has been a year spoiled with numerous occurrences of respect slaughtering.

The late case is around a 17-year old young lady, who was at first shot by her uncle in a respect murdering endeavor. The young lady invested days of wounds and lost the skirmish of her life on Tuesday night in Multan.

SHO Rana Khalid reports that the fugitive Zahoor had a doubt that his niece had a connection with a kid of their town. Zahoor reported that he carried out the wrongdoing on the request of Ghulam Muhammad, the casualty’s own granddad.

Therefore, the police captured both Zahoor and Ghulam Muhammad on account of lawful offense and murder.

One Pakistani man slaughtered 2 of his sisters the night prior to their marriage since they both had gotten hitched on their decisions as opposed to settling for orchestrated relational unions.

A couple killed in Lahore after they wedded without their families’ assent. 56-year-old Muhammad Ashraf killed his own particular little girl Saba and her significant other Karamat too. The couple had come back to Lahore to accommodate their disintegrated relations with the family who were past disappointed with them.

In another significant episode, a mother slaughtered her own particular little girl who was just 18 years old after she wedded her preferred individual without the family’s endorsement. Her name was Zeenat Bibi who had a place with a low-salary family who was determined to flame and left beyond words.

The power of these occurrences basically demonstrates how shabby is the estimation of life in psyches of these individuals. It throws the shadow of this background of our general public and how profound it is tangled and the amount more it will require to destroy it.

In spite of the court administering against respect slaughtering, occasions keep on happening. It specifically indicates the need of changing mentalities in the urban and ghetto social orders



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