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Wife worried as Yaseen Malik goes missing

Kashmir renowned leader Yaseen Malik is missing for last four (4) days. His wife and family and family is facing hard time, there is is no news where he has been kept.

Yaseen Malik was taken as a prisoner, in the recent uprising against Indian Troops agressions. His wife Mishaal Mallick revealed that her husband was arrested almost 56 days ago.

“Yaseen Malik was shifted to the interrogation centre instead of hospital”, said Mishaal Mallick. She further told that “relatives of Hurriyat leader looked for him in almost every jail; however, there are no signs of him whatsoever and thus making the situation even more critical”.

“Yaseen Malik was not feeling well”, said Mishaal. She explained” that the puppet state government has arrested all the Hurriyat leaders and should be freed immediately”



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