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Women not safe in Pti According to Gulalai.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MNA Ayesha Gulalai on Tuesday went separate ways with the gathering, asserting that the respect of moms and sisters was not sheltered in light of Chairman Imran Khan, whom she named as a fake Pathan and a characterless individual.

She encouraged the Supreme Court to pay heed to this issue for respect of PTI females, as there were hypotheses that he may turn into the PM one day. At a swarmed news meeting here, Ayesha Gulalai hammered the PTI boss and his clique and advised fathers and siblings about their females’ respect. She forgot about the impression by the PTI pioneers that she was furious in light of the fact that she was denied the ticket for NA-01 and discourse at the thanksgiving occasion on Sunday.

Ayesha said she had the valor to take a stand in opposition to Imran and his tribe, being an overcome and brave Pathan and respect was most critical to her yet was stressed over others. “A respectable female laborer can’t stay in the gathering,” she said and included that somebody joked they (PTI) would be framing the administration. She asserted that Imran viewed himself as a holy messenger yet his lead was exceedingly profane and alluded to the claimed instant messages, she had been getting from him and the first she got from Imran’s Blackberry in October 2013. She declined to peruse out the messages yet requested that writers contact the PTA in this specific situation. Ayesha had advanced toward the National Assembly on a saved seat and declared not to stop the seat.

Answering to questions, she affirmed that Imran sent her improper instant messages and he would encourage females to likewise keep Blackberry with the goal that messages couldn’t be followed. “I host not left the get-together finished the issue of NA-1. I have experienced mental desolation because of the circumstance, exuding from obscene messages,” she said.





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