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Young student of Mardan university beaten to death over blasphemy allegation. Warning: graphic content

This Accident occur on Mardan University Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan , Young Student Killed over Blasphemy Allegation.

Sixth semester student of Journalism department at Abdul wali Khan University Mardan beaten to death by students mob over alleged blasphemy charges.

Strong action MUST be taken against the aggressors (clear murderers) in this case – to set a basic precedent (that we as a nation WILL NOT tolerate this madness any longer).

This fanaticism, tribalism & rampant extremism will completely destroy our society…if left unchecked. Individuals CANNOT be allowed to take the law into their own hands and bypass the state apparatus – that is what the terrorists are doing; against whom our military is currently in a state of WAR (and rightfully so).

Prayers for the poor, innocent victim & his family. I SINCERELY hope he gets justice

Horrifying. Such incidents will continue if we keep considering people like Mumtaz Qadri as heroes.
We need to repeal blasphemy laws. Only secular Pakistan is the solution.

This is the real face of JIHALAT and they dont deserved to be called muslims themselves hud tu ek time ki namaz bhi nahin partay and most important our PROPHET (pbuh) taught how important tolerance is and who forgive others for the sake is the friend of god,what islam are they following?????and secondly we have laws in our country who can handle these things ,taking someones life is not acceptable NOT AT ALL

Shame on us shame on those who made us this out us……..all DMG n universty administration should b held responsible for this who let this act happen

It is highly regretable on part of pukhtun society. I have never seen such kind of stupidity in pukhtun society, first incident of such kind in the province.. Provincial govt must take strict action against all the culprits.. There must be video photoage available. I would request peshawar high court to take suo moto action against these notorious. Every person who participated in killing must be brought to justice.

young journalism student ko tauheen e risalat ke ilzam me qatal kardia

Blasphemy charges took another life on Thursday. According to DIG Mardan Mohmmad Alam Shinwari and the administration of Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, the students tortured to death a young student of journalism department of the same university on blasphemy charges. The slain student was identified as Mashal Khan. The students reportedly injured another student but he was rescued by the police and shifted to a nearby hospital. DIG Shinwari said after taking his life, the emotionally charged students were trying to burn his body but the police arrived there and dispersed them.
According to the faculty members, the university has been without full-time vice chancellor, after Prof Ihsan Ali completed his tenure and left the institution, pro-vice chancellor and deans of many departments.
The faculty members said the university had been passing through the worst type of administrative disorders after Ihsan Ali left and they had informed the Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf government a number of times to appoint a vice chancellor and save the institution from bloodshed.



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