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Afghans showing respect by Throwing stones on Pakistani Vehicle

Afghans expressing love by throwing stones on a car from North Waziristan Area of Pakistan. Vehicles from both Pakistan and Afghanistan side crosses border everyday by taking permit.

Afghans showing respect by Throwing stones on.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are the countries having a common history and traditionally strong and friendly relations in some period of time.
Recently Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Pakistan relationship have changed a lot and got worse in comparison to past some years specially the Taliban era when most of Afghan people migrated to Pakistan and had a good relationship with Pakistan Government. But so much have changed with the passage of time, now slowly Afghan people view regarding Pakistan have changed and because of intervention of Indian policies, that are affecting pakistani soil greatly.

Incidents like this, in such a sensitive situation have made the relation between both countries worse and if the same continues it will get worse in future, Afghans have seen Pakistan supporting Taliban, then helping America to attack Taliban and now Afghanistan is repeating the same mistakes of Pakistan. Which will ultimately leads both countries to never ending cold war.



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