Motor Bikes facility in emergencies in Punjab by Rescue 1122

In Pakistan,(specially in Punjab) emergency services can be known as  “Rescue 1122”. The people of Punjab depend on the emergency relieves in natural or other sort of disasters.

The services of 1122 Rescue has now modified into providing better facilities. It provides motorbikes which join the mobile units of emergency.

 Motorcycle Service 

It is about to have a another service of  motorcycle rescue by 1122 Rescue in Lahore. Later it will be spread in various cities.

Through this service, the rescue committee can reach easily to affected one. There are some places that can be reached easily by rescue vans ,so motorcycles are on choice here.

Motorcycles as they use less fuel, can save emergency cases, it is proffered to go via motorcycle  than via as van takes time plus money.

Rescue Mohafiz Program

The purpose of  Rescue Mohafiz  program is to built Emergency Response Teams in different cities of Punjab.

This team is responsible for timely responses and emergencies to prevent  healthy and safe communities in the Punjab.

This program has been launched in compliance to the  the Punjab Emergency Service Act 2006.

There is no limitation to join the Rescue Muhafiz program, any one can join it.for this you once have to be registered through using the App of Mohafiz Mobile Application.



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