Punjab Follows KPK and Launches New App to Protect Women

PMLN didn’t leave anything go, but  have copied many initiatives of KPK government. Recently PMLN has launched a smartphone application to ensure  the safety of women. Primary step in this regard was taken by KPK government.

This new step of ensuring  women safety shows that the government of Pakistan is really concerned with women safety and taking novice steps to protect them all.

After KPK, and Punjab, hopefully the other provinces would also be able to apply on such applications for women safety.

Here we will elaborate how the Punjab government offers this app, and how can you avail these applications. We will see both provinces app at the same time i.e Punjab Safe Cities Authority apps and She Safe apps.


This application has various features that are too much helpful to make a women safe, wherever she is. For this purpose you have to make an account so that you will be connected with helper or the authorities.

This Application system has a connection with KPK department of Cybercrime and KPK Police in order to receive an information of the victim.


b) Punjab Government Application

CM’s Special Monitoring Unit (CMU)  has taken up a new application system  where Punjab Commission on the Status of Women(PCSW) and  Punjab Safe Cities Authority have jointly initiated this new application to ensure women security issues.

There are few special buttons in this smart Phone Application, through pressing these buttons you can call Punjab’s police, SMU’s Women-on-Wheels campaign and  PCSW’s helpline, if you face any insecurity ever.

Using this new smart phone application women all over the Punjab can contact to Control and Communication (PPIC3) officials and Police Integrated Command in case of violence or other trouble. This system has the facility of sending victim’s current location to the PPIC3, to have them on required place in emergency.





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