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Sahir Lodhi insults a girl very badly in Live show at TV One

Sahir Lodhi is back in the news, by and by! He was forgotten not long after the entire scourge of Raasta motion picture settled down. Since Ramadan has started, numerous standard superstars are showing up on national TV with their live Ramadan transmissions. It is a convention and whether you call it commercialization of our religion or not, these transmissions keep on happening; change to any nearby channel previously, then after the fact Iftar, you’ll be acquainted with this common pattern.

Sahir intruded on the woman who was pleasantly recounting a sonnet. It was musical and elevating and was based around the issues of our general public. Sahir cuts in and takes the subject to an absolutely new level of misconception. Individuals are as yet attempting to find precisely where this woman offended “Quaid-e-Azam” as Sahir Lodhi is attempting to propose.



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