Welcome To iFlix in Pakistan With Only Rs. 300 in a Month

Online Streaming service of  Kuala Lampur is about to launch iFlix Services in Pakistan.

iFlix unlike other online services has the capacity to present programs from various regions of the world , it will not only confine into few ones. This special feature differentiate it from all other services in Pakistan and other countries.

iFlix  isn’t alone in this novice innovation but it has a linkages with content distributors and studios all over the world to present broader stuff. It is closely  linked with CBS, Brose, Paramount, Fox, and Disney. This company is growing too fast with its  huge MGM investment.

Pakistan is  lucky to have official launch of online screening services by iFlix. You are now able to sign into their account to look the content. Now Pakistanis are able to view multiple of shows, movies and other much stuff coming from across the world.

In order to reach to content on their systems, streaming service users may use five devices like TV sets, tablets, smartphones, desktop PCs and laptops.

It has also capacity to stream a content on different systems simultaneously for multiple users. It gives download option as well.

A Very good news for all users, iFlix  is about to offer an unlimited  access of one month without asking and debit card.  In case, your trail is going to be end, only then you have to pay it.

The other good special offer , what iFlix is offering is an unlimited access of 300 for each month.



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