Bahria University: If you are a Bahria University student you’ll definitely face these facts.

Bahria University may not be the gathering school of the century but rather on the off chance that you are a Bahria understudy, or have ever been one, you’ll unquestionably identify with some of these things:

  • Dressing up used to be one of the biggest decisions of the day:

  • Be that as it may, the new clothing regulation is something you quite recently can’t appreciate

As though it isn’t sufficiently terrible as of now dragging ourselves out of bed for 8:30 am classes, please simply ahead and stop us at the entryway for “unseemly” garments. That is precisely what we need to do at school, dress “improperly” rather than considering.

  • Sorry Boys kheriyan is not allowed under shalwar kameez:

Apologies, youngsters. I figure kheriyan are what might as well be called young ladies wearing tight pants? Since God restrict we cause another fatal quake.

  • The corridors work as makeshift charging stations

  • Going to the library is like climbing Mount Everest

It takes all you need to make the 4 story move up there amid finals week. Simply the exertion alone ought to get you a 5 check reward in exams.

  •   You heard “Bhai, lighter hai?” in the drop lane more times than you can even remember

You can’t enter the college without being welcomed by that quite exquisite possess an aroma similar to smoke in the drop path since that is the place everybody needs to assemble for their morning smoke. Furthermore, evening smoke. What’s more, night smoke. Essentially, all the damn time. Be that as it may, hello, it’s not their blame they can’t smoke inside the grounds, “formally”.

  •  Wondering if the summer semester is actually on, is an every spring’s most happening discussion 

The administrators can’t make up their psyches about offering summer courses (just for development, btw) and you’re generally left to ponder what your destiny will be in the event that you fall flat.

  • Madina Market is your safe spot.

Let it out, at some indicate you’ve needed there be some kind of mysterious transport that would get you to Madina without making the 5 minute stroll there (or 10, in case you’re sufficiently terrible to originate from XC). Be that as it may, going there is an unquestionable requirement on the off chance that you have to get your samosa talk and sutta settle.

  •  You park your car in Madina

You were excessively lethargic, making it impossible to apply for a stopping sticker so now you need to stop your auto in the market and simply ask that regardless it’ll be there when you retreat.

  • You carefully calculate your grades to see if you can avoid probation 

Would it be a good idea for you to have examined amid the semester? Yes. In any case, was investing all your free energy having karahi and pakoray and never making that devastating move to the library justified, despite all the trouble? Completely.

  • The student portal crashes on the weekend right before exams

Also, you can’t get your exam slip printed from XC since it resembles a fish showcase in there. Furthermore, this is still by one means or another your blame and you get debilitated that you won’t be permitted to take the exam.



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