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Kabul Twin Blasts Kills Dozens in Afghanistan

Twin Bomb Blasts

Around 4 pm on evenings when the Afghan Ministry of Defense was targeted with deadly suicide bombs. It was a time when employees leave for home, after closing their offices, the suicide bomber hits rushy and most secured areas in the capital city Kabul.

The Ministry of Defense, The Ministry of Finance and Police district two headquarters are situated in the same area, there are cloth market, which is next to the Kabul’s Fruit market.

First bomb goes off, people rushes to help the wounded, then huge crowd gathered at the site of a blast, the second bomb explodes himself. Took lives of 24 people and more than 90 are injured in the blast.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said on twitter, “Defense Ministry was primary targets, while Police Headquarter was a secondary target.”

Courtesy to: Al-Jazeera News

Courtesy to: Al-Jazeera News

He added, “The purpose was to weaken US backed Afghan Government,”

Health Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ismail Kawousi said, “There are many in a critical state, so an increase in the death toll is possible.”




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