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3 main issues of teenage of this World

Many habits we adopt in out teenage life that may be dangerous to our life. They affect us in a couple of ways like effecting out Physical, emotional and financial health. Now the point is how they affect us. To overcome all this we need to discuss all three of these points in detail.
Physical Health:
Physical health problem means effecting the health or effecting someone physically. In our teenage life young boys make a couple of mistakes like watching porn movies , watching movies wasting time and spending time on mobiles and video games. They are more interested in spending time on mobiles instead of in playgrounds. Majority of time is wasted instead of any healthy activity. If such activities are carried for a long time in the teenage one becomes too much weak and it is difficult for one to make a start even on the curricular activities. Such health issue may lead to a serious issue even at times when your age to enjoy starts you are far back then the normal world.
Emotional Health:
Emotional health problem means something that hurts the person from inside. Like hurting the emotions of someone is like playing with his her emotional health. Like if a friend you trust for a long time hurts you. Another example is like if you are in love or any close relative of yours hurts you badly. If you are hurt so badly that you broke from inside. Such are the problems that make you weak from inside. You cannot easily trust anyone. Such issue may lead to lack in abilities is one suffered  is not brave from heart or trusts anyone how he or she can compete with the society. So to be successful in life it is very important to be emotionally not hurt. So emotional health is also very important.
Financial Health:
Financial health problem means effecting the expenses and increasing burden such that one is effected in case of money. Such issue that affects the income or something like money is called financial issue. It is like you spend more then you earn is like a financial problem. Like you are not controlling the bills. Like if you are not earning from your smart cards or in your mind it comes that you are less then someone. If in case you are not able to make savings. Incase if you are ok without any cash in life. If anyone is use to do such mistakes he or she will be very soon out of case. Such mindset ruins the nature and it hurts if you are even in the financial crisis it is very difficult for one to survive.



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