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Aleppo Bleeds Again Syrian War

Allepo Attack

Syria due its civil war, claims many thousands of lives. Home destroyed with great number. City vanished completely. On going crisis destroyed every government machinery. The ISIS and Al-Nusa take away every ease from Syrians lives. They take refugee in Europe, where they are facing huge problems. But by the state operations where conducted in support with Russian troops most of the area has been freed from these rebels. So these days they are doing targeted strikes. Aleppo attack is all the part of these guerrilla war.

The rebel operation began at dawn on several fronts, with hundreds of shells being fired at western areas. State media said eight people were killed and dozens hurt by the barrage. The attack follows a failed attempt by rebels to re-open the Castello Road, the only way out of the rebel-held east for some 300,000 people living there. Large parts of Aleppo, once Syria’s commercial and industrial hub, have been destroyed since fighting erupted there in 2012.




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