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Aleppo War, will determine the future of ISIS

Aleppo War

Islamic State is defeating in every city and town, Syrian army is advancing the areas. The war is near to its end. Thousands of innocent killed by Islamic State terrorists. The supporter of ISIS are now not able to support them. Because of all the supply lines are cutted out.

War may take a year more but the end is near and clearly. The Syrian Army take down Islamic State. But the most important city of Aleppo is in war. It has been taken from ISIS control, but the war is still on.

Aleppo is one of the most important city of Syria. It bordered with Turkey, the stronghold of ISIS, made this city unbeatable. The last past attempts on this city weren’t successful. Because of full support from Turkey side, but this time  the border line has been take first, made the defenses of the city fallen for the first time in 4 years.

This city take down this will determine the future of on going war on Syria. ISIS is on run and the city is like their backbone. So the strategic importance of the city can’t be neglected.

Syrian government troops completely encircled Islamic State neighborhoods last week, cutting off all supply lines to the enclave.
Fierce fighting has ensued as Islamic State have attempted to break the siege, and regime troops, backed by Russian air power, have responded with intense strikes on opposition-controlled areas.



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