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Balochistan first ever kidney transplant undertaken by BINUQ

The Balochistan institute of Nephro Urology Quetta (BINUQ) made history on Thursday with the first ever successful renal surgery in the province.

Kidney transplant procedures for three patients  successfully completed at the BINUQ facility this week. Renal failure patients in Balochistan will now  be able to receive complete treatment in Quetta.

Patients are being treated free of cost at hospital and we are also  providing them with medicines,BINUQ chief Executive officer  (CEO) Dr Kareem Zarkoon said that the hospital is equipped with the latest machinary under the supervision of qualified doctors.

According to the facility administration,  BINUQ has conducted more than 21,000 dialysis procedures this year. 

Over 100 patients receive free kidnay dialysis at BINUQ everyday.



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