Balochistan Govt and UNICEF decide to jointly conduct the survey to investigate the schools, who are mentioned only on  the documents. During the survey over 1,500 schools out of 10,788 schools could not be found.                                                    In Balochistan the number of primary, middle  and high schools  are above 13,000.Last year government launched a verification process of schools throughout the province.The verification process was conducted through education management and information system(EMIS). The joint survey also reveal that 25 building were running without the buildings.The number of shelterless school in Balochistan is already above 2,000.                                          The EMIS survey also revealed that 90% schools in the province had no sanitation facility.Rs1billion fund allocated to the province for clean drinking water and toilet construction,were lapsed during the fiscal year 2016-17. The provincial government has forced to spread education and bring each and every child to the school but educational institutions show a bleak pictures.