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Burkini Ban suspended in France

Highest court suspends ban

France Highest Court lifts the ban by saying, that it is totally illegal. Freedom is the fundamental right of every citizen. The imposing ban is the biggest violation of human right. The ban in Villeneuve-Loubet “seriously and clearly illegally breached fundamental freedoms”, Judge said.

“Mayors do not have the right to ban burkinis”, France’s highest administrative court ruled.

It said Villeneuve-Loubet’s ban had “seriously infringed, in a manner that was clearly illegal, fundamental liberties such as the freedom to come and go, religious freedom and individual freedom”.

“The burkinis did not pose any threat to public order”, said the council, which is France’s highest administrative court.

More than 30 French towns have banned burkinis, which cover the whole body except for the face, hands, and feet.

A spokesman for the ruling Socialist Party and the rector of the Great Mosque of Paris, Dalil Boubakeur welcomed the court ruling and said he hoped it would calm things down.

The prime minister said the debate was not over, calling the outfit a symbol of a “backwards, deadly Islamism”.

“We need to decide if we want a smiley, friendly version of sharia on our beaches or if we want the rules of the (French) republic to be implemented,” he said, referring to the Islamic legal and moral code of sharia.




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