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Calibri font can leave Pakistan sans Nawaz Sharif

Calibri font was used to type certified papers naming sharif daughter as a trustee for several high land properties in London.The document was meant to show that Maryam is the trustee only.                 But the papers were dated February 2006,an year before the font in which they are typed in widespread commercial use.  The same conclusion was made by JIT team and tasked by the Supreme Court to examine the curruption claims.  Based on the assessment JIT rejected the papers as falsified in the report issued earlier this week.                                                           Nawaz sharif supporters are argued that calibri font has publicaly available in 2004.However calibri creator,the Dutch designer Locus Da Groot said to AFP in statement that it was unlikely calibri had been  used in any official documents in 2006.He further said i start making calibri in 2002 and sent it to Microsoft in 2004.   The first calibri used on large scale was office 2007. He said so in theory it is would have been possible to make a document with calibri in 2006.                                   Maryam Nawaz yet didn’t claim about the calibri. The corruption controversy has engulfed sharif family and the publication of 11.5 million documents in Panamanian law  misk. Nawaz with his children implicated in the papers. The sharif family and party  insist  that wealth used to purchased the property  was acquire legally through family business in Pakistan Gulf states.



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