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Chaudray Nisar will give up on the Panamagate verdict 

In the very awaited press conference of Nisar Ali,he announced that he will leave the party and National assembly on the day of Panamagate verdict. He said “I’m not interested in politics anymore and I will on the day of Panama verdict either be it the party or against it”.                               In the 45 minutes long speech he talked about his 33 years association with the party. He further said it is the most difficult press conference for  me and will remain loyal to PM Nawaz Sharif,whom he praised a humble and great leader.Nisar said all my life i have spoken the truth to Nawaz Sharif.                                                                  I was told by the senior leaders not to do this press conference today, I told them I had to. I had face challenges and difficulties in the party, now there was conspiracies to remove me from the consultative process.For the past month i was excluded from the party meetings. I was not invited to the consultative meetings and I don’t attend if I’m not invited.



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