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Country without Prime Minster -Pakistan

Pakistan is currently a country with Prime Minster or with no Prime Minster. Vow can some believe this, Yes it is true, a ill man is running the state. The man with very bad health condition is on Prime Minster’s Chair. And on other hand, the President has not been seen for several months. He I mean President only appears when their is some kind of prize distribution ceremony, or some kind of inauguration ceremony or annual speech to the Parliament and to give some kind of advice. Advice from half dead man. Wait one other important job of President is to accept and reject plea of those who appeal against their punishment orders. And most importantly is to sign Execution Orders.

A state with two of most important posts are ruled by two totally undeserving persons. Main Muhammad Nawaz Sharif the Prime Minster and Muhammad Mamnoon Hussain the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. One sleeps everytime in President house and the other got illness when Panama Paper shows his family assets in foreign banks and their money laundering case details.

The Prime Minster were doing a good job, but suddenly Panama bomb were thrown upon him, this made him ill and ready for heart surgery. For one month the country was ruled without him. The country were in these day ruled by “Clerks” or in local language some called them”BABO“.

Prime Minister Spent whole Ramazan in UK, after Eid Prime Minster return Pakistan. The plane who took him back were cost up 30 million dollar, which were booked for 15 days. The plane were cleaned and made up to the demand of his family.

A new reports were came from Lahore when Prime Minster wanted to visit Islamabad, but due to his fever, his doctors suggest not go Islamabad. What I am thinking is how a man can run a state if he can go Islamabad by Plane.

I will conclude in the end, that how our politicans are senseless. They do not think they are going to face judgment one day. They think their money will save them.




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