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Deaths in car bomb attack on market near Baghdad-Iraq

A car bomb has killed 12 people and wounded dozens more at an outdoor market in a district north of Iraq’s capital, Baghdad, according to police sources.

This time target was Baghdad busy fruit market. Car packed with explosive were parked, in one of the car parking in the market. When suddenly the bombs goes off, said police sources.

The Bomb explosion was heard in far area. Killing 12 and several other injured. Many serious injured were transferred to the Baghdad’s nearest hospitals. Some of the injured were very critical.

Baghdad is on high alert for attacks after a blast in the central Karada district on July 3 killed more than 300 people.

This was the deadliest bombing in Iraq since US-led forces toppled Saddam Hussein 13 years ago.

No group take the responsibility yet. But it is said that Islamic state is involved in these types of attacks. Because it is retaliation of on going operations against them.

The bombing in Rashidiyah came as the Iraqi parliament was due on Tuesday to discuss security measures in the capital in the wake of the attack in Karada.

On Monday, visiting US Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Washington will send 560 more troops to Iraq to help battle ISIL.






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