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Donald Trump announced his defeat by saying that vote could be ‘rigged’

Trump Realizes he is going to loss, so he started saying their is a chance that this election could be rigged. It is because he is showing a harsh behavior at the final stage of election campaign. He is facing huge criticism from his own party on the remarks over Muslim Soldier Parents. From every corner of the country he faced very tough criticism, yesterday John McCain said Trump view is no party view, Party respect all soldier who fought for this nation.

Talking to a rally in Columbus, Ohio, Trump shows his worries about election, that their is a huge chance of rigging in upcoming general elections.

He told his supporters “I’m afraid the election is going to be rigged, I have to be honest“. He also called his opponent Hillary Clinton “The Devil“.

He again said in an interview given to the Fox News, “I hope the Republicans are watching closely or it’s going to be taken away from us“.

He also complained the Republican primary system was also “rigged” amid party efforts to stop his march to the candidacy, early this year.

It is clear that Trump is afraid about is defeat at the day of election, because he is facing a very strong and politically intelligent candidate. Hillary is playing with very intelligent way, she is playing mind games with Trump. She brought Muslim Soldier Parents at DNC , they talked about Trump and in response Trump disrespected them. This disrespect cost Trump heavily, because he is facing these days criticism from inside party.

Trump is planning the ground for his defeat, by saying that this time the election will be rigged. He is announcing his defeat before the elections.



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